For the Love of Jozi – Lorentzville

Lorentzville is a small suburb on the eastern edge of the Joburg CBD, surrounded by Bertrams, Judith Paarl and Troyeville. It was established on the farm Doornfontein in 1892 and named after one of the early leaseholders, H. Lorentz (South African Place Names – Peter E Raper)

Lorentzville also only has one street running north to south – Viljoen Street. It is rather unusual that the boundary lines on the east and west side run in the middle of a block.

It was until a few years ago a relatively unknown suburb, then Nando’s head office moved into the area. However I think the biggest impact of putting Lorentzville on the map  to the general public of Johannesburg has to be the ‘new kid on the block’ – Victoria Yards.

One of the many pathways in Victoria Yards with studios leading out onto.

Victoria Yards is creating quite a stir in the art community with a lot of very well known South African artists establishing studios there. (Check out their web page for further details They are also part of “First Sundays in The Valley” (very much like “First Thursday’s” which are held in other parts of the city, where galleries and studios have open days, allowing you time to get to know the artists and explore their studios.) and this is a great time to visit.

The Smelt studio where you can learn how to blow glass.
Impi Breweries 

I love coming here and watching the development of the place, whilst being able to visit the studios of all the artists, watching the gardens develop and ending off with a great pizza at Impi breweries, which are conveniently situated on the premises.

My other favourite place in the suburb has to be Fama Delicatessen. Owned and run by Nuno and Carla Fernandes, they manufacture and sell the most delicious salamis, chorizo, pancetta, etc. They are situated at 12 Viljoen Street, just south of Victoria Yards. (for more information

Nuno Fernandes – Fama Delicatessen

The Jukskei runs through Lorentzville and I have heard talk that a walking trail from Doornfontein to Bruma could be in the pipeline – I do so hope that this become a reality.

An interesting article on the Jukskei river can be read here –

The Jukskei which runs through Victoria Yards.

Lorentzville – how did I not know that you (and not Bellevue) had this pass, known as Stewart’s drive with its beautiful stone walls, in your suburb? I’m finding these little surprises quite interesting in my research of the suburbs of Johannesburg.

Stewart Drive – The myth goes that the Italian prisoners of war built these stone walls but it has subsequently been established that there were no Italian prisoners of war in Johannesburg at the time this was built in the 1930’s.,+Johannesburg,+2094

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