For the love of Jozi – Antique Dealers along Long Road. Albertskroon, Albertsville and Greymont

I’ve had to combined these suburbs as they share a common road, which I love to visit, starting in Albertville and continuing into Greymont so let me begin by telling you a little bit about each suburb.

Albertskroon adjoins Greymont and lies west-north of the City centre and was established in about 1896 on the farm Waterval. Both Albertskroon and Albertville were named after the Albert’s family who owned the farm called Waterval. Greymont lies north of Newlands and south-west of Albertskroon and was laid out in 1903. Before 1917 this township was part of Roodepoort/Maraisburg and only incorporated into Johannesburg on the 1st Feb 1939. The name is descriptive, meaning “grey mountain”, and does not seem to refer to a person named Grey.  (Info obtained from South African Place Names by Peter E Raper)

I just love taking a stroll/drive down 5th Street, which eventually becomes Long Road, with its vast number of Antiques dealers who are all well stocked and reasonably priced. If you are looking for something in particular I’m sure you’ll find it here.

We start at Mieke’s Cottage and Antiques which has been running for over twenty years and is situated in 5th Street, Albertskroon.  They have a very large selection of furniture pieces with some bric-a-brac.

Great place to start if you are looking for that antique furniture piece.

Just over the road we get the Grand Hotel Antiques which is owned by Zeke, and this too has been running for many years. The variety here is huge with  just about anything,  and everything, antique. They are also in 5th Street but fall within the suburb of Albertville.

Your interest is captured from the pavement at the Grand Hotel Antiques.

Heading further up the road, now named Long Road (in the suburb of Greymont) is Ooh-la-la Oregon and Antiques who have a good selection of old cameras, some interesting signs, military goods, vinyl records and a few bits and pieces of furniture.

Some of the camera collection at Ooh-la-la

Also on Long Street is Mahlah’s Antiques, owned by Tom and Jane, who specialise in antique tools and light fittings. If you are doing up a retro house then this place will have the lights you are looking for.

The place for antique tools and light fittings.
Some of the light fittings available at Mahlah’s Antiques.

There are many more antique-type shops along the route so I would suggest you make a day of it. Happy antique hunting!

Of-course these suburbs also lay claim to Alberts Farm which is great for outdoor activities including the popular ‘Parkrun’. For more information,+Randburg,+2195,+Randburg,+2195,+Randburg,+2035



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  1. Love this road, these shops and this blog. Thanks Gail. I always want to amble down Long St, rather than go to a specific shop, but never seem to get it right to do so. Got a kist from here for guesthouse some time ago.

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