I refer to myself by the name Dizzylexa for two reasons – firstly, even though I have pink hair I can sometimes have very dizzy moments, otherwise referred to as ‘Blonde moments’. I prefer the dizzy reference because not all blondes are absent minded. Secondly I do suffer from mild dyslexia, so often leave a word out of a sentence, spell badly (how do you spell check when in the first instance you have no idea if the word starts with a ‘ph’ or a ‘f’) and punctuation just confuses me, so I might not always put it in the right place.

I haven’t lived in Johannesburg all my life but it has had the biggest impact on me. Someone refer to this great city as Marmite – you either love it or you hate it, I just LOVE the place. I’m originally from Kimberley and even when we moved to Johannesburg I returned to Kimberley to complete my education.

Most of my youth was spent living with my divorced Mum in Hillbrow, a place I still hold very dear to me. Other Joburg suburbs that are special are Cyrildene, the first place where we, as a family moved to from Kimberley and Yeoville where I had gone to school for a few years and then frequented at lot in the 1980’s.

I have a passion for photography especially street photography, which has taken me all over Johannesburg. I’m also passionate about public art and graffiti which has also taken me on many trips around the city.

Photo by Brian Hanson11151072_1584603305134246_7513959484049358720_n


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